"Helping others..
          ..sounds a bit like our Albanian Mother Teresa"

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Albanian Canadian Foundation(ACF) Volunteer Application Form
Please complete the form below and you will be joining our network of volunteers. Your information will be processed and after approval, a member from our organization will contact you. Home addresses are never disclosed and this information will be used for Albanian Canadian Foundation purposes only in accordance with Privacy & Disclosure Act. You must be a ACF Volunteer to access Albanian Canadian Foundation Volunteer Network

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 Teaching Albanian  Elderly Care
 Disable People Care  Shelters
8. What other forms of volunteering would you be interested in using? (Select all that apply)
Your Experience Helping Students Seminars/Meetings
Educating Children A Mentor/Speaker Promoting our Organization
Providing any support
9. Are you sure and would you be interested in applying for ACF Volunteering.These programs help others and at the same time is a opportunity for you to do something. 
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10. Are you aware that volunteering to us is for free, but the benefit of being with Albanian Canadian League is that You will gain experience and reputation. ACF will keep your service as your future reference to your Resume and other contacts that You want us to confirm for you.   Yes   No

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These Volunteer Programs are administered by Albanian Canadian Foundation(ACF), a non-profit organization licensed in Ontario-Canada.