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Thomas Simaku with a CD Release on Naxos
A CD comprising 6 works performed by the Kreutzer Quartet has just been released in the UK on Naxos records,and also in USA and Canada.
Thomas Simaku is an Albanian Composer among 21st Century Classics.For more information about individual tracks, please go to Naxos website.
A new CD release of Thomas Simaku

Monument to the Victims of Communism in Ottawa - Canada
Communist Sign the petition to support the building of a Monument to the Victims of Communism, in Ottawa, Canada

To: Parliament of Canada
While the horrors of Nazism are well known, who knows that the Soviet Union murdered 20 million people? Who knows that China's dictators have slaughtered an estimated 60 million? Who knows that the Communist holocaust has exacted a death toll surpassing that of all of the wars of the 20th century combined ? Just as we must grasp Communism's brutality, we must understand the true cause of this era's most significant event: the fall of the Soviet Union. While we believe that Vaclav Havel was right when he saw the fall of the Communist empire as an event on the same scale as the fall of the Roman Empire, it was not the end of Communism. Sign and Join this petition

Who recognised KOSOVA as an Independent State?
Countries that have recognized or Announced the recognition of Republic of Kosova
We are honored and humbled that it is our generation that lives to see that day and we are aware and ready to take up the path that begins from here. Our future is with Europe.Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, for standing by us in the worst times. In memory of those who gave and lost their lives, and loved ones. May peace and light prevail. Countries who recognized Kosova

Boycott of Greek products in Albania
Boycott of Greek products in Albania!

Albanian nationalists, who accuse Greece of turning the country into a non-conventional colony of Greece, are using the protest to halt the rising power of Greece in the country. In 2006 Greek Imports reached EUR 406mn, while Greek investments are estimated at over EUR 400mn. Greek companies and businesses own substantial shares in the telecommunication, petroleum and financial markets in the country. Strong protests were organized by the "Cham" population, ethnic Albanians that used to live in the territory of current Greece till the end of World War II. Afterwards, they forcedly expelled from their properties. Therefore we call on you to Boycott greek products in Albania

Donation for an Albanian Bridge in Shkoder City.
Has started a project to raise funds to build a bridge in the village of "Ure e Shtrenjte", near Shkoder. In need for donation to complete this project. More ..

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Albania News:

2005-2009, all scandals of 'Berisha' government

Albania News
    In the preelectoral bilance, Berisha government gave clear data on roads constructed, schools reconstructed and other achivements of its institutions.

    Sali Berisha called also "Prime Minister of Monstrosities"
    But it has never mentioned what where the phenomens that shocked the legal state in Albania. What was not made public on the “state-capture”, involvement of the Premier family in corruptive affairs, scandals of verbal violence of Prime Minister, sexual scandals of a minister, open pressure and problematic institutional relations. “Gazeta Shqiptare” reminds to the public all scandals of Berisha government during the last 4 years, from Albtelekom contract to verbal insults of Prime Minister, explosion of Gerdec that killed 26 and injured 300 persons, sexual scandal of a minister in the cabinet and the secret agreement with Greece for the “coastal line”.

    September 2005 - After the government cabinet was created, Berisha annuls the privatisation of Albtelekom. “We can not sell it on low price”, he said on “Calik” company offer. Some months later, he “gave” Albtelekom to turkish company.

    June 2006 - Sali Berisha’s nephew, Dritan Berisha, employed in Interior Ministry creates an incident with fire arms in front of hotel “Dajti” in the center of Tirana.

    September 2006 - Director of Civil Aviation, Gazmend Dibra resigns after the scandal “Albatros”, a flying company where one of the share holders was nephew of President Alfred Moisiu. Director Dibra put him under pressure for flight permissions until Moisiu would dismiss General Prosecutor Theodhori Sollaku.

    November 2006 - Berisha rewards with 250 000 euros Jean Paul Carteron. Albanian government signs a secret agreement with Crans Montana Forum for the organisation of two seminars. Carteron was personal friend of Premier Sali Berisha.

    February 2007 - Because of changes in administration, 1 million euros for all employees that were dismissed unduly were paid from state budget .
Posted by acl on Thursday, November 19 @ 19:51:41 PST (2222 reads)
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Albania News:

Albania Journalist Beaten by Sali Berisha's mafiozi

Albania News
    Read inside:
  • Who is Mero Baze
  • Phenomenom "Rezart Berisha"!

    A businessman with close ties with Prime Minister Sali Berisha viciously assaulted publisher and journalist Mero Baze on Monday evening in Tirana, following a series of reports accusing the businessman of tax evasion.

    Mr. Mero Baze beaten viciously by a Sali Berisha's businessman
    According to witnesses present in the Capriccio Bar in the center of Tirana's upscale Bllok neighborhood, Rezart Taci and his bodyguards attacked the journalist, kicking and beating him for roughly four minutes, leaving him unconscious.

    Present during the assault were also two other journalist; political commentator Andi Bushati and the editor-in-chief of Vizion Plus TV Arban Hasani, who later testified on the assault on the journalist. Baze recovered in Tirana's military hospital on Monday evening and was released on the early hours of Tuesday.

    He had ran a series of critical reports on his TV Show, Faktor Plus, on Vizion Plus TV accusing Rezart Taci and his company, the ARMO oil refinery of massive tax evasion. Apart from the TV show, Baze also publishes the Tirana daily TEMA, a publication very critical of the government.
Posted by acl on Tuesday, November 03 @ 05:19:28 PST (3755 reads)
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Albania News:

Yet Another Berisha Fraud

Albania News
    Sali Berisha's vote rigging is a serious setback for Albania's democratic process. But it should not have come as a surprise to anyone familiar with Berisha because it was just the latest in a long line of his many assaults on democratic institutions.
    Gary Q. Kokalari - Political Analyst

    By Gary Q. Kokalari

    As monitors reported, Albania's recent elections failed to meet international standards, and the fault for this failure falls squarely on Berisha's shoulders. This is because prior to the elections he controlled the levers of power that gave him the ability to hold elections that would have met international standards. But conducting fair elections was far less important to Berisha than maintaining power, and anyone who was hoping for clean elections had to be dreaming.

    Vote rigging was just one of the many manipulations Berisha used to undermine Albania's fledgling democracy. No less of an abuse were Berisha's blatant efforts to intimidate the media and block free speech. With his heavy handed censorship of the media and his abuse of state assets, Berisha intentionally distorted the information disseminated to the public so that a large segment of eligible voters were unable to cast their votes with any degree of objectively.
Posted by acl on Sunday, October 11 @ 19:00:28 PDT (1573 reads)
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Albanian Economy:

My letter to Dritan Prifti

Albanian Economy
  • Mr. Gary Kokalari & MP. Mr. Dritan Prifti - their correspondences related to some Albanian Issues.

    September 27, 2009

    Mr. Dritan Prifti - Minister of Economy, Trade and Energy
    Dritan Prifti
    Minister of Economy, Trade and Energy
    Republic of Albania
    Tirana, Albania


    Now that you have been appointed Minister of Economy this puts you in an excellent position to do something about the abuses you wrote to me about in several of your email messages. To help you refresh your memory I've provided copies of several of the messages which appear below.

    For instance, you should now be in a position to gather evidence about the violation of the Serbian oil embargo that you claimed, per your November 3, 2008 email, was perpetrated by Sali Berisha. You are also now in a position to do something about the abuses in the telecom sector such as the deal between Berisha and Fatos Nano to sell Albtelecom to the Turks that you referred to in your December 7, 2006 email. Based on your comments, it appears there is a case to investigate both Berisha and Nano for corrupt practices. You are also in the position to finally do something about the telecom interconnection fee abuse that continues to burden Albanians with calling rates that are among the highest in the world. Nano and Berisha have helped perpetuate these fee arrangements, and as you know quite well, Meta was instrumental in setting up these structures so you are in a particularly good position to help unwind these biased agreements for the benefit of the people of Albania.
Posted by acl on Sunday, October 04 @ 19:51:35 PDT (2860 reads)
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Albanian Politics:

Albania’s election heads for deadlock

Albanian Politics Financial Times

    By Kerin Hope in Tirana

    Albania’s general election appeared headed for deadlock on Wednesday, with both the governing right-of-centre Democratic party and the opposition Socialists unable to win an outright majority in the 140-seat parliament.

    Albanian Election 2009
    A long drawn-out counting process after Sunday’s vote went into its fourth day on Wednesday amid mounting tension over possible last-minute attempts at fraud.

    With more than 98 per cent of the vote counted, the Democrats had secured 68 seats to 65 for the Socialists under a regional proportional electoral system being used for the first time.

    Three seats could still change hands after the last 100 ballot boxes were counted, analysts said.

    “Otherwise, we’re looking at a 70-70 split in parliament taking into consideration the likely alliances,” said Bledar Meniku of ECA, an independent US-backed election monitoring system.

    A tied outcome could result in another general election being held later this year and the postponement of key policy decisions.

    Albania had been expected to follow the example of Serbia and Romania after the election and seek a stand-by loan from the International Monetary Fund.
Posted by acl on Wednesday, July 01 @ 15:55:44 PDT (1580 reads)
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Albania News:

Building permits for friends and partner of Edi Rama

Albania News
    Building permits on the day of Sunday, for friends and partner of Edi Rama.

    In the end the mayor of Tirana started to provide building permit before the election campaignDay
    Edi Rama
    Sunday mayor in this manner KRT brought unexpected and made the decision to grant permission for 26 subjects.

    This action taken by the mayor of Tirana is contested by the majority ruling which has declared it will not recognize such a permit. Day Sunday Olldashi Minister has responded and yesterday reacted DP spokesman, Aldo Bumci, who have accused the mayor of Tirana klientelizëm in granting building permits.

    According to Democrats Edi Rama opened his subsidize klientelën to have ready for the election campaign. The immediate voice was beautiful reactive spokesman mayor, Eduart Shalësi.

    The latter has declared that the Municipality of Tirana working day and Sunday, not as Berisha, who has counted the hours. As deputy Municipality of Tirana is a parrot zëbukur this've heard all this vice and a municipality is to mimic the president of his buffoonery even know all this, but a technical functionary of the party into masovik to knock with paradoksin municipal socialist party. In fact, sometimes that has not happened Edi Rama collect KRT so hastily, but it looks now the mayor will need money for elections and to open fronts miqtrë for his work.

    After blocking the left Tirana for almost three years, where hundreds of construction firms were left without work in its blinker Clan Rama, eventually was reminded Mayor to open the doors of the KRT.

    After blocked the construction industry for three years in a row to keep moving without the price of apartments and stratosferike after successfully concluded a code zero building apartments for the homeless, kryesocialisti-mayor decided to "defer" for several construction firms. If We note klienetelizmi of new construction permits is evident at the meeting of upcoming KRT led Edi Rama.

Posted by classiclady on Tuesday, March 24 @ 14:26:51 PDT (2678 reads)
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Albanian Economy:

First Albanian Business Network Launch in Tirana

Albanian Economy
    Tirana, Albania, March 24, 2009 --( On Thursday the 9th of April, 2009, the first ever
    Albanian Economy
    Albanian Business Network will officially launch with a small wine and cheese event for press and potential members at the Tirana International Hotel.

    ALBN is a networking organisation and business club with the head office in Tirana, as well as based online. Membership is open to Albanian professionals in Albania and around the world, foreign investors looking to invest in Albania, and Albanian local businesses.

    Membership will provide a chance for businesses of all sizes in Tirana and Albania to network, and share best practices. Members will receive support and training with planning and marketing to grow their businesses, find more customers, and increase their profits. The network will also comprise an online club and news service for all investors and professionals around the world interested in business in Albania.

    The event will start at 6.30pm and finish at 8.30pm, and will comprise a short presentation, a chance to meet the Network Consultants, meet other business professionals and celebrate with wine and cheese. Due to the limited places available booking your place is essential.

Posted by classiclady on Tuesday, March 24 @ 14:05:42 PDT (1645 reads)
(Read More... | 2255 bytes more | Albanian Economy | Score: 5)

Albania News:

Mediu indicted Ina Rama

Albania News
    Published details of the file, Mediu indicted Ina Rama

    TIRANE- TIRANA, lawyers and defendants, Fatmir
    Mrs. Ina Rama - Albanian Top Prosecutor
    Mediu, stated today that they have filed criminal lawsuits against the chief, Ina Rama, and the prosecutor's main folder "Gerdec," Sokol StojaniDuring a press conference, two lawyers and Petrit Serjani Ardian Visha have expressed that "former Defense Minister Mediu, the prosecution has presented in a narration of Tirana criminal prosecutor for the General Prosecutor Ina Rama."

    According to them, charges for publication of details of the file "Gerdec, where the defendant is the former Protection Minister, "Ina Rama during a TV show has revealed investigative evidence, during time that file was still unclosed", lawyers said.

    Report made by the criminal charges for abuse of office by the chief prosecutor and the case. Mediu also charges that have been published in several media file important acts of the former Minister of Defense, which affect the authority of the former minister for the purpose of his discrimination.

    Lawyers have called the move to the General prosecutor, Ina Rama as illegal and even deliberate. "Ina Rama head a criminal offense," said the lawyers Visha Serjani. According to their request for criminal proceedings against the prosecutor can be realized as General Ina Rama does not enjoy any immunity.

Posted by classiclady on Monday, March 23 @ 16:28:53 PDT (2010 reads)
(Read More... | 2229 bytes more | Albania News | Score: 5)

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2011 is bringing....

NO hopes for a albanian democratic society
big changes in politics, ousting of Sali Berisha
an albanian economic crisis
big investments
prosperity and new government
new laws for ex - landlords
punishment of communist elite
strong and powerful Albania
war against corruption
war against neo-communists
no hopes at all
I don't know


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